Speak Your Truth With Wendy Billie

It is time to stop playing yourself small. It is time to raise your vibration and to embrace your soul’s voice. Listen in for inspiring stories, healing revelations and raw intuituve messages that will help you to Speak Your Truth. A shaman gypsy soul, Wendy Billie has traveled near and far and now her journey calls her to share spiritual guidance and radical authenticity from the universe’s field of infinite wisdom.

The Little Things

There have been many days where I look up and little things would get to me.  There's been lots of moments where I don't just take it all in. But in this moment, everything is okay. Switch the dial on those eyes of seeing. What if all is well. All is beautiful. And you saw that with your eyes. What if you could realize that the little things are that vivacious amazing beautiful life within you and you can reflect it right back out into your world. Just pause and breathe into that. The little things. 

It is a beautiful experience being a human, of remembering and forgetting. Times of light and times of dark. It is the ebb and flow, it is the yin and yang. But what a powerful message that we can learn, how easy it is to forget. May this episode help you remember where you came from. 

Every day we are having a new experience. These amazing human experiences expand your spiritual belief and return you closer and closer to the home of your truth. At the foundation of that truth my friend, is pure love and pure light and the vibration that connects us all. We all have layers to shed. We all have things that we have put on that no longer fit us. Highlight a path that speaks to your unique soul on this radiant earth. The multicolor of existence is my hOMe.

I Visit People

I visit people. My soul, your soul, everyone's souls visit people, visit places. We are in multiple dimensions at one time, my friend. Know that you are always exactly where you need to be, even if it doesn't feel like it. Trust that you are right where you were intended to be for your highest self soul evolution. Travel many paths. You are protected, now is the time there is nothing to fear.   

It takes so much to stand in a state of dignity and truth. Surrender isn't always going to feel great, it's not always going to be roses being on a spiritual path. But if you really are committed, if you have a conviction to expand, heal, grow and help the universal consciousness to raise just as your vibration does, you're going to go through some of those times. Open your wings even broader. Heal at a depth that you don't even realize you need. Become a warrior of light and love. 

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When we drink in fear we begin to convince ourself of the great illusion that we are in a state of darkness. Reveal the truth behind illusion and chaos. Drink in peace, breathe out love..... Thank you for reminding me that only love is real and all else is an illusion. 
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I want to share with you how nature can speak and how nature can be your medicine. Feel the air upon your skin and the sun upon your face. Get quiet, get still and listen for truth.

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On Love

If you're anything like me, in your relationships and in life in general you go through periods of seeking love. Looking for it, waiting for the words and signs. But todays story is about being love. Just being it, instead of seeking it. You are pure love. xo
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Lose The Focus

Isn't it so nice to pause now and then and just let things sink in, instead of always taking in so much information? This episode is a reflection on losing the focus you are so used to clutching onto and seeing what happens. For the joy is in the grey, in the mystery, in the knowing that we are a mere collection of specks of stardust.

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Everywhere I turn, I get the clear message "now is the time for Speak Your Truth".  The idea was spiritually whispered in my heart over 2 years ago and after setting fear, comfort, and uncertainty aside...Speak Your Truth Podcast is HERE!  Be sure to subscribe to the channel on itunes to get the latest episodes.  Enjoy this short introduction and be sure to listen all the way to the end...where Ninadog speaks her truth too.  xoxo  

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